10 on the go breakfast recipes that are great for busy mornings

10 on the go breakfast recipes that are great for busy mornings

On the go breakfast recipes are sure to make your life a bit easier.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It has been proved time and again and we weight watchers can not agree more. It is recommended to eat three hours before the sleep time if it is followed, as a rule, one needs to break the fast after getting up. So, breakfast has to be sumptuous.

Breakfast has to have all nutrients to fuel you through the day but we hardly think about it while on the go. Avoiding breakfast is a common thing, mostly due to the busy schedules and the lethargy which most of us carry forward from the previous day. If you do not get up fresh in the morning, your body has not recovered well. You can check a post here about being constantly tired. 

What to include in on the go breakfast recipes?

Going traditional for breakfast is the best way. Our traditional recipes are always better to start the day with. Mostly, we are grown up with breakfast which is our favourite food served by mom. But those were elaborate breakfasts you would say. Yes! they were but we can always tweak them as per our convenience to include our favourite food with balance of all nutrients. Here are breakfast ideas in 10 minutes.

Fruits: Fruits are the best to break the fast. Any fruit or a fruit platter with different types of nuts/ seeds should be included in your breakfast.

If you feel it is too much to be had in one go, just split your breakfast in two different meals.  Have one portion as soon as you get up and the second after an hour. Having fruits in the morning helps to bring the blood sugar level back in check. 

On The Go Breakfast


There have been many theories which say that oats are the healthiest option for breakfast. Oats are a form of complex carbohydrates which does not lead to a sharp sugar spike in the blood.

You would not get that slump after having oats in the morning. It also takes a while to get digested and is filling. Keeps you full for a while till your next meal.

If you are going low carbs oats is the best option to include in your breakfast. Have a jar of overnight oats as the best on the go breakfast.

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds have many micronutrients which we otherwise tend to ignore.

A regular dose of micronutrients is the best way to avoid common issues such as hairloss and skin issues. 

Ghee or clarified butter

People on Keto diet swear by Bullet proof coffee which has clarified butter but you can include a spoonful of ghee or clarified butter in your normal breakfast options.


Breakfast is the right time to take multivitamin tablets.

No fail – On The Go Breakfast Recipes

Muesli and milk

Home made muesli and granola is the best way, when you have muesli with milk, you can add fruits and nuts to it. Please be sure not to add sugar over the top. You can replace sugar with honey or any other supplement.

Fruit bowl with nuts and seeds

Mixture of fruits like apple, banana, blueberries, mango ( if in season), orange ( if in season) with nuts like cashews, almonds and raisins is the best for the breakfast.

The burst of colors and the freshness of fruits is something you would get addicted to in some days.

Sprinkle some pumpkin, watermelon seeds. You can also get sunflower seeds, flax seeds once you are used to eating seeds. It surely takes a bit of time to get used to the raw taste of seeds. Fruits like Banana can serve as the best on the go breakfast

Fermented food / Sourdough bread with condiments

In India, we have fermented rice cake ( Idli ) and Dosa ( fermented rice batter crepe) as staples. Fermented foodstuff is healthy for gut bacteria and many nutritionists swear by the benefits it has for curing hormonal imbalance.

Fermented foodstuff is highly recommended for people suffering with PCOD and thyroid.

You can comfortably eat sourdough bread for breakfast. It would be a great start for the day. Sourdough breads are available in bakeries. You can use butter on sourdough bread for breakfast.


Though in India Ayurveda does not approve of the smoothies due to their nature of mixing many fruits which are sometimes incompatible, Smoothies for breakfast is the best option for people who are very busy. You can also freeze your smoothie ingredients a day before to just whip it up around your breakfast time.  People who love cold breakfast in the morning, this is your go to.

Add oats, fruits ( banana, strawberries, blueberries or berries of your choice) with honey and whip it up.

This is one of the breakfast option which can be put together in flat 10 minutes. Green smoothie is also a better option if you want to add some greens to your food routine.

Eggs with sourdough bread

Eggs are the best tried and tested breakfast option. Make it as you please and it is sure to start your protein intake for the day. Versatile and healthy add eggs to your breakfast routine, you will fall in love with it.


Porridges made from the native grain flours is a traditional breakfast in South Asia. But it takes time to develop appropriate taste before you get hooked onto it. Little millet porridge, barley porridge, mix millet porridge with jaggery is the most nutritious breakfast of all times.

Just boiling some water, adding the millet flour till it mixes thoroughly and adding jaggery or salt and cumin powder is the way to go about it.


On the go breakfast recipe of Pancakes is mandatory here. Unless it is too sugary, pancakes are loved by one and all. You get those pancake mixes but it is extremely easy to make pancakes from scratch even when you do not have time.

Here are some options for basic ingredients:

Oats/ banana

Oats/ banana/ eggs

Oats/ Banana/ Cacao powder

Though the old fashioned pancakes use all purpose flour, for weight watchers it is better to replace it with oats powder or almond meal/ almond flour Once you start experimenting sky is the limit. 

Broken Wheat Recipes

Broken bulgur wheat has many recipes sweet and savoury. You can whip up a quick porridge cooking broken wheat in milk and adding jaggery,topping it up with cinnamon powder or nutmeg powder. You can cook it and stir fry it with boiled and sauteed veggies. It is a complete breakfast with a lot of roughage, ample protein and carbohydrates. This is a little heavier option as compared to other breakfast suggested above.

Chia Pudding

This is one of the most popular on the go breakfast recipe. We have written a complete post on chia and its usage. Check it out here. 

Greek Yogurt With fruits

Simple and easy, greek yogurt combined with fruits is a breakfast that you can put together in 10 minutes and take away anywhere. It is healthy and would also ensure weightloss.

These are 10 On The Go Breakfast recipes for you. You can certainly explore and create variety if you please

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