5 best ways to run with a phone

5 best ways to run with a phone

Being aware of the benefits and importance of running in our daily complex life, we will agree that it’s a necessity to have longevity, be healthier, have stress relief, weight loss, better sleep, better metabolism rate, and a higher chance of quitting smoking the list goes on. In a work-life balance-oriented lifestyle, it’s common for serious runners to carry phones along to avoid any misses. so we are going to discuss some of the best ways to run with a phone or how to carry the phone while running.

Ways to carry phones while running:

In today’s innovative age, a variety of effective methods for where to put the phone have been discovered to adhere to different individuals depending on their preferences, as mentioned below. 

Running shorts with pockets

Usually, running with a phone in your pocket is more comfortable for men and women. It leaves both hands free and increases the risk of dropping the phone while running. There are so many brands that make their sports apparel with shorts for both men and women to make it easy for them. 

Some brands which fortunately design their shorts with pockets are Nike, Adidas, etc. The only cons of having the phone in the pocket is that it may not be accessible depending on the pocket size and would awkwardly bounce if it isn’t a good fit.

Arm Band 

Wearing an armband while running can be one of the solutions, but not the best. As your hand size differs it might be very tight and difficult to carry. But there are reversible armbands that help to keep your hands free and convenient to place your wired earphones so that you can have a glance at your phone without removing it. 

Sports bra tuck in 

This is usually found in the back of the sports bra, it’s a perfect spot to place a phone while running without any direct contact with the skin, especially when it starts to sweat. A sweatproof case with a magnetic pin is another option for attaching to the sports bra and shorts that will hold it in place while in motion.

Running belt 

These belts are extremely lightweight that can hold phones and keys in the zippered pouch. It’s not too tight making it difficult to breathe, or too loose causing it to fall, so a running belt is a good fit for a comfortable running experience. Adidas, Fitletic, and other companies make some of the best running belts that are quite durable.

Use a backpack

 It frees up both your hands and pockets, allowing you to run while wearing your bag. It is also convenient for carrying other items while going for a long run.  The disadvantages of carrying a bag are that it may be expensive and that taking out the phone while holding other items may be difficult.

Here are a few statistics that you shouldn’t miss out on: 

Over 50 million Americans, 15% of the population participated in some form of running or jogging. These statistics were reported in 2020 according to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association.

According to the report, the United States has over 47 million joggers, with more than half of them running at least once a week.

Runners and joggers can be found throughout the United States. According to a 2017 report by the Sports & Fitness Industry Association, there are more than 47 million runners and joggers in the United States, with more than half of them running at least once a week and only a small percentage training for marathons.

Running statistics in the United States by Run Repeat 

  • 29.2% of the participants are in the age range of 18 to 24.
  • Only 9% of the participants were registered as males.
  • The state with the fastest finishing time in marathon:
  • Massachusetts, – 4 hours and 4 minutes.
  • Washington, – 4 hours, 18 minutes, and 9 seconds.
  • Indiana, – 4 hours, 18 minutes, and 57 seconds.

Running has definitely taken off globally in the last decade, increasing in popularity by about 57 percent. Even though there were lockdowns and restrictions in place for 2020, this did not stop people from running. 


Running is the most popular fitness trend in 2021, with 28.76 percent of runners beginning during the pandemic. The United States is one of the countries with the highest rate of race participation. The aforementioned are the best ways to carry your phone while running. People who love running and jogging can now carry their phones wherever they go. You will benefit from running, but running comfortably is what matters. Whatever method helps you the most when running with a phone, go ahead with it. Running offers a multitude of benefits for both the body and the mind. As long as you pace yourself, you can enjoy the fitness journey.



Is it okay to run with a phone?

However, experts warn that holding your phone in your hand while running is not a good idea because it can lead to hip and shoulder injuries. The habit may be causing subtle imbalances throughout the body, leading to strained hip, leg, and shoulder muscles.


How do you carry your phone while running?

Top ways to keep your phone while running: shorts pockets, strapped to your arm, in your sports bra, a secure handheld device, in your race vest, or around your waist with a flip belt.


Why should you stop holding your phone while you run? 

 The first reason is to avoid dropping the phone once sweat begins to accumulate in your palms, and the second is to avoid getting your phone wet with sweat, which will cause problems with phone functionality.


Does running with your phone damage it?

It totally depends upon which way you choose to carry your phone. Usually, running with a phone in your pocket is more comfortable for men and women


What is the use of a running belt?

A running belt allows you to carry your phone, keys, and even water while running, allowing you to keep your hands and pockets free. 









Snehal Joshi

Snehal is a Certified Nutrition Coach by National Academy of Sports Medicine. She is writing about her persuits of Nutrition Science since last 4 years.

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