What Not To Do During Lockdown to Boost Immunity

What Not To Do During Lockdown to Boost Immunity


Hello all, I hope you are all happy and healthy and staying indoors. These 21 days of lockdown which is now extending in India, is a reminder to all of us to not do something which is absolutely unnecessary as we look forward to boosting immunity. Most of the people now in their free time would want to binge-watch Netflix, they would want to stay up the late-night but this is going to terribly affect their immunity.


What is Immunity?

Let us understand what is immunity first. immunity is the power of our body to protect itself from any unforeseen threat, the threat here is the virus or bacteria.

But how the body will produce the necessary antibodies if we do not give it a chance to run in a normal mode? A question that is worth asking right?

Here are 3 things which should not be done during the lock down.

Sleeping late:

Sleep is our body’s recovery mechanism. Whatever wear and tear that the body undergoes during the day is recovered with the help of the food we eat and the sleep. Any normal human being needs approximately 8-9 hours of good sleep to recover from a normal day which is moderately active. Let us not talk about athletes here. If you do not sleep on time and wake up on time. Lack of sleep suppresses the body’s ability to respond to common cough, cold and other bacterial infections. In these times of covid19, we need to sleep on time and wake up on time.

Sedentary Lifestyle:

After the lockdown, life has become extensively boring, as we do not get to mingle with people. We do not get to socialize, but that does not mean that you should stop moving around. Do some gardening, spend some time playing with your kids, keep up with those 10000 steps a day challenge. The purpose is to keep all the bodily juices flowing for keeping our immune system intact in case of any infection.

Immune System is the only armor humans have against the viruses/ bacterias.


In the times of rationing your food during the lockdown, it is easy to diet. But I do not mean that you should go on some fad diets which would put your complete system down. I do not want to cite any names here but it is always better to function on your normal food in these times of crisis, most of the time the supplies that are needed for a specific diet may not be available in the stores. So, whip up some new dishes with whatever is at hand and easily available. Enjoy it while it lasts. 🙂

Here are some morning rituals in case you would like to take a look at. 🙂 Happy Reading..

Snehal Joshi

Snehal is a Certified Nutrition Coach by National Academy of Sports Medicine. She is writing about her persuits of Nutrition Science since last 4 years.

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