How To Integrate Fitness In Schedule? and how to make it a habit

How To Integrate Fitness In Schedule? and how to make it a habit

How To Prioritize Fitness In Busy Schedule and Actually Make It a Habit?

Everyone wants to be really fit! Fitness is a currency that you can use throughout your life. Life is uncertain, but fitness can make it proof for any difficult situation. The rise of pollution and various pandemics spare people who are fit and have an unbeatable immune system to generate appropriate antibodies. Boosting your immune system is the first thing we all need to do for facing the pandemic bravely. But before that, let us take a look at what is stopping us from being fit?

Busy Schedules

Busy schedules are the ones to be blamed for not making time for a workout. Believe me, I usually get to hear so many people talking to me about how busy they were throughout the week and could not sneak in a single hour for a workout. They feel overwhelmed with the fitness talk going around. It is ok to feel overwhelmed but there is always a first step that everybody takes to change their lives. Putting yourself first on the schedule is the first and foremost important thing.

Your lifestyle can be changed in one simple step. 

Once you are there, it is easy to lap up. While climbing always pay attention to the first step instead of looking at the entire anticipated journey.

Taking Up Difficult  Workouts to Start With

If you have taken that first step towards lifestyle change and integrating fitness in your schedule, bravo! But just be a bit cautious about not choosing a daunting task to perform every day. Just choose some workout routine which is easy to do every single day. Assess your fitness before you start your workout regime. Take a look at the workouts that you can do comfortably and start with it, else you will lack motivation. Daunting workouts would make you hate the whole process and you would never make an effort to come back to fitness regime again.

Misjudging Nutrition Requirement

Nutrition is an important aspect of fitness. But you do not need to get overwhelmed with all the information that keeps floating across the social media and other websites. Do not suddenly bring about change in your lifestyle for weight loss. In my opinion, following a particular diet suddenly is like giving a jerk to your body. If you want to start intermittent fasting, just give yourself a day, try it out, and then slowly start your regime.

Bringing back basics on your plate is important. Being fit is about having nutritious food and nurturing your body. Here are some superfoods that you can bring back to your kitchen to make the most of your fitness regime.

Eating every two hours also help to boost metabolism, thus burning more fat. If you are very busy meal planning can help multifold. It is the only way you can eat on time and in a prescribed way.

Most people feel tired after working out as they misjudge the nutrition required for their body.

Signing up with workouts that don’t match the body type

I have been working out for a while now, but I could never get into Yoga. I tried yoga here and there but it just does not suit me. There are thousands of workouts available online and on apps, but do they suit you? It is very important to find out what suits you and your body type. I could never go about workouts which were slow. They would simply discourage me with their pace. Post-pregnancy it was tough for me to continue my gym membership, so I took a call and diligently identified the program that suits me. I tried many home workouts and found something that I am sticking to for the last many years.

Choosing comfortable workout clothing and shoes

Wearing comfortable clothes during workouts is important without that you would not be able to stick to any regime. The same goes for shoes. There are different shoes for running, athletics, HIIT, and so on. Choosing the right shoes will keep you motivated.

Plan wisely and integrate the workouts in your daily schedule.

Being a morning person

For years together I have struggled to be a morning person. But here is how I found how to get back to the morning routine and believe me it helps. Being a morning person aids your plans. It helps you to achieve all possible tasks before noon. No more hassles for completing tasks. You can tick on your to-do list comfortably being a morning person. Setting up the body clock rightly before starting the fitness regime is important. Once you set it correctly, all other things become easy.


Getting a fitness tracker

Fitness trackers are all rage. I love Fitbit as it tracks exactly the amount of calories that we have burnt throughout the day. Apple Watch is also a good product. Garmin is the best brand when it comes to fitness trackers. There are numerous products available in the market, to keep you on track and build fitness as a habit, integrating fitness into your daily routine.

Make up a mindset

Integrating fitness in your schedule is more about mindset, once you are ready to make a change in your lifestyle, it is just a matter of doing. Once you set your mind on the fitness aspect of your life, it is easy. A body transformation mindset is important. Life changes but you need to give it a chance.

These are some of the real struggles, I have rounded up here for you. Let me know if you feel the same and are willing to incorporate fitness in your daily schedule.


Snehal Joshi

Snehal is a Certified Nutrition Coach by National Academy of Sports Medicine. She is writing about her persuits of Nutrition Science since last 4 years.

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