How to Prevent Weight Gain During Lockdown

Hello, I hope all of you are doing great in the times of Covid19. India has extended the lockdown for another 19 odd days and I am sitting at my window writing yet another post on the lockdown period. Most of us have seen the memes which have been floated over social media, mostly about how thin you would be at the start of lockdown and how much would you gain weight at the end of it. Weight gain is super subjective. For some people suffering from pre-existing conditions, it is absolutely ok to be on the higher side of the ideal weight. People who are under medications also tend to put on more than usual. That is okay and we should be able to accept it wholeheartedly thanking our body to help us go through those physical conditions. But other than that if it is for your boredom that you are snacking around, this post is a good check.

Weight Gain

Today we are not talking about weight loss, here are some of our posts for weight loss

Here are some reasons for weight gain during the lockdown.

  • Emotional eating is one of the major reasons for weight gain during the lockdown. The feeling of confinement is overwhelming. Being at one place not moving much around hence binge eating is a pattern that needs to be broken. You have to train your mind out of emotional eating.
  • Anxiety may cause occasional panic attacks that may subside with some snacks at hand. It is always good to eat some low-calorie snacks to keep up the goal weight.
  • With no maids or household help at hand, Indian people are on their own for the first time in their lives in terms of household chores. Some people may take it easily but some may find it as a burden, in that case just make a schedule and get busy to avoid unnecessary snacking.
  • Too many restrictions in terms of food may result in binge eating. It is always good to know that we are human beings and it is quite natural to have cravings. Giving in those cravings and treating yourself a couple of times in a week is good. That will keep you from unnecessary calorie load.
  • When we are confined at home, it is very natural to feel alone. Remember, we are together in this. Spend every day with a lot of positivity and make way to better health by exercising at least 30 mins a day. The rush of endorphins is all we need sometimes.

Have you gained weight during the lockdown? Well, don’t let the next lockdown take a toll on you.

Lose Weight With Intermittent Fasting

Lose Weight With Intermittent Fasting

It has been a while that Intermittent fasting has been on the block and many trainers, nutritionists and dietitians across the globe are going gaga over it. They say if you want to lose weight do Intermittent Fasting.

Intermittent fasting is a simple method of abstaining from food after sunset. You might ask what is new in that, we do not eat after sunset at all, well if that is the case ” Good for you”. But in these days of Netflix, Amazon Prime and other related distractions, it is difficult to wind up your day before 11.00 pm. Wouldn’t you be hungry if you sleep at 11.00 pm and eat around 6.00 pm? Thus,starts the episode of binge eating and eating more than what your body actually requires.

When there is binge eating, the satiety signal which your body gives your brain gets dissolved in the exciting part of the Netflix original or any TV Serial, and we don’t feel full, hence overeat.

Important aspects which we need to look into while doing intermittent fasting to lose weight.

Intermittent Fasting

Circadian Clock:

Human body is a wonder. It has a biochemical oscillator which synchronizes with TIME. This circadian rhythm helps to determine our sleep pattern and controls the production of Melatonin – sleep hormone. As per circadian rhythm, we all should slow down around sun set, dim the lights around 8.00 and sleep by 9.00 approximately. Body starts producing Melatonin around 7.00 pm and we keep working past that time, interrupting the nature of the body, confuses the body, hence most of us do not get proper sleep. Improper sleep leads to hunger pangs and we tend to lead ourselves to the refrigerator in search of food late night hampering the weight loss. Intermittent Fasting is nothing but honoring our circadian or biological clock and eating well before sunset ( yes, it has a twist for our convenience too)

Type of Intermittent Fasts:

There are many type of fasts, namely 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours of eating window where you can either skip breakfast or skip dinner, 14 hours of fasting and 10 hours of eating window. The good part about Intermittent fasting is that it is flexible. Adjusting it around your most hungry time and following it is the key for weight loss. There are many other types of IF too, like OMAD ( One meal a day) or fasting 2 days in a row etc. But I personally feel that those types are for advance fasting practitioners. If we need to get the hang of Intermittent fasting, the first thing needs to be done is to know which are the timings that you are hungry. So getting in touch with body requirements is the foremost important aspect of IF.

How it helps Weight Loss:

  • Your food intake gets a window with IF. That means that meals and snacks are to be eaten at a specific time which naturally reduces the amount of food you consume, thus creating a calorie deficit much required for the weight loss.
  • The insulin spike when we have food is reduced and hence the blood sugar is managed well. Decreased insulin level may help fat burning thus aiding the weight loss
  • It is also said that IF helps retain the muscle mass, which is not the case with only calories restricted diet.

There are umpteen theories, before and after pictures on various platforms in favor of intermittent fasting to lose weight but before going there we should check out what our ancestors say? Fasting has been there for many generations in all religions which mainly tells you to get in touch with your body and know whether you truly need that much food?

They say ” Fasting of the body is the food for soul”. Well, here is to some soul searching… 🙂

Here are some facts of intermittent fasting

Intermittent Fasting Facts