Easy Dinner Recipes For Weight loss

Dinner is extremely tricky at times when it comes to weight loss. Most people complain that they can keep themselves away from junk food but when it is dinner time, they can seldom keep the promise of having healthy food. It is so natural to have such feelings. Here are Easy Dinner Recipes for Weight loss which you can bank on. Just prepare your meal plan ahead and you are good to go. Having a plan in place helps in the following way.

Benefits of Meal Planning for Effective Weight Loss

  • You are sure about your meals
  • Meal plans avoid the uncertainty around food
  • In the times of lock-down, it is easy to estimate the supplies
  • You can be consistent with workout because your meals are planned and assured

How to plan meals?

  • Meals should be planned around your activities.
  • It is necessary to understand the timings of your workout and your other chores to plan meals effectively.
  • It is better to have your meals freshly prepared so while planning you will have to take that time out.
  • If you are preparing meals on the weekend, you will have to make sure that the food pattern is interesting and you do not get bored along the way through the week.
  • If possible count macros that are required for your activity every day. If you are working out regularly plan your pre and post-workout meals.
  • Divide your meals into 6 portions.
    • Breakfast ( 1 hour after waking up)
    • Mid Morning Snack (2-3 hours after BF)
    • Lunch ( 2 hours after MM Snack)
    • Mid Noon Snack ( 2 hours after lunch)
    • Dinner ( 2 hours after Snack)
    • Token Dinner ( If needed )
  • Make sure your dinner is 2-3 hours before bed time.
Easy Dinner Recipes

Here we are first emphasizing on Easy Dinner Recipes because that is the most tricky part.

  • The dinner should be done around 6.30 to 7.00 pm. Preferably should be having some complex carbs. Token dinner can be a nice soup or a cooked salad. If you already had enough food till dinner time, you can have soups here as well.
  • Dinner options:
    • Porridge ( Oats, broken wheat, semolina)
    • Paneer ( Cottage Cheese ) bhurjee
    • Stir-fried vegetables
    • Multigrain dosa/pancake with chutney
    • Multigrain tortila/ roti
    • Corn and Carrot Salad
    • Corn peas soup.
    • Beetroot tomato soup
    • Apple spinach soup
    • Whole wheat upma

These are Easy Dinner Recipes which never fail. If you are achieving your goals with the existing plan, great but in case you have some issue with it, try the above pointers and let us know.

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5 super foods to accelerate your weight loss

5 super foods to accelerate your weight loss

Weight loss has many theories about workouts and food. Here are those super food which will help you reduce your weight.

1. Jowar:-

Jwari, or sorghum as we know, this white millet has all that nutrition and calorific value which will aid weight loss and is a good bet for diabetes. Add it to your daily diet and check out for yourself. It is indeed a pain to roll a bhakri/ unleavened soft bread out of it. But Jowar Khichdiis an easy go to option. You may also make kanji/ ambil of the Jowar flour by adding buttermilk to it, boiling the same and drinking it with some salt and jeera-cumin seeds.

Benefits of Jowar are:-

1. Gluten free grain
2. High fibre and thus gives you more satiety sooner
3. Complex Carbohydrates and higher proteins than wheat flour
4. Gradually pumps the sugar level, than causing sudden spikes.
5. Powerhouse of other essential macronutrients.

So when adding this marvel food to your diet?

2. Amaranth:-

An ancient grain by which my grandmother has always sided with and so do I.

This grain is also called as pseudocereal . This means it isn’t a cereal and yet has all the important nutrients than its competitor grains like wheat and others. With lower calories, this is a grain which has been cherished for its high iron value.  Make a sweet porridge with jaggery and amaranth, or just roll into a chapatti/Indian Bread,bake a cake or make a stew. This delicious grain is always there for you. Puffed Amaranth has always been exclusively used by ladies in Maharashtra for its umpteen advantages.

Weight Loss

Benefits of Amaranth-Rajgeera

1. High in Iron
2. Gluten free, thus, doesn’t interfere in absorption of other nutrients
3. Highly nutritious
4. Rich Source of anti-oxidants
5. Amps up the fibre content of the food.
3. Nachni/Ragi/ Finger Millet:-This is one of the foods which one should wholly adopt to aid weight loss. It is not only good for weight loss but food trusted for its nutrition to all age groups. Small infants and elderly people can benefit from Nachni Sattvam(the finest part of the sprouted ragi). Make a kanji, or roll a thalipeeth-Indian Pancake, mix it with vegetables to make parathas or simply make laddoos, this superfood will awe you with its nutritional profile.

Benefits of Ragi:-

1. Excellent source of calcium
2. Helps in strengthening the bones, especially if you’re a vegetarian
3. Rich source of protein
4. Low in calories
5. High in fibre

4. Daliya/Lapsi/ Broken Wheat:-

By its name we understand that it is nothing but broken wheat or cracked wheat. Better than wheat, this acts like rice in its texture and can be a good swap to rice, for people who can’t live without rice. This is a go-to option and can be very well taken with sambar,lentils, curries like Indians eat rice without compromising on the calories. Weightwatchers can fill their plate with broken wheat upma, pulao, pongal,kesari-sheeraand lose weight while keeping the high in calories rice at bay.

Benefits of Broken wheat:-

1. High fibre content aids weight loss, keeps you full.
2. Rich source of Iron
3. Low fat acts in favor of weight reduction
4. Power packed with other vital macronutrients
5. Good profile when it comes to Vitamin B

Buy broken wheat now!

5. Barnyard Millet:-

Bhagar, Varicha bhat or barnyard millet is an ancient millet used for its high nutritional value. Make it in the form of rice,upma,or dumplings. This is the most useful millet when it comes to weight loss. Like broken wheat, this has the texture of rice. One can swap it with rice and still shred those extra pounds very easily.

Benefits of Barnyard millet:-

1. Low calorific value
2. High in fibre
3. Low Glycemic Index thus good for diabetics
4. Gluten free
5. A power house of iron content.

Today,with so much information we have options to use, and try some other grains. Nothing should come in the way of a strong will of weight loss with such varied options. Why wait? Stock up your grocery now.

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