Correct Dosha Imbalance with infused warm water – InstaCuppa Post

Correct Dosha Imbalance with infused warm water – InstaCuppa Post

Chennai is getting more humid day by day. We are half way through March this year but already feeling the heat. As the weather changes there are numerous changes which occur in the body, many may also give rise to viral infections. While there are many changes in the weather all the wise and old people usually advise all of us to consume warm water throughout the day.

In fact, in Chennai, many people have the regular habit of drinking warm water all through the day.

The point is that people here believe in the power of warm water. If you ask them why they order warm water even when they visit the hotel/restaurant, the answer would be, when we eat anything which is oily, the digestive tract is steered clear by the warm water. I find this very convincing. Here are some important points which we should take a look at while considering a habit of drinking water.

  • Hot water aids weight loss
  • It helps in digestion
  • Prevents untimely aging
  • Improves blood flow
  • Helps reduce PMS pain
  • Induces sleep

As per Ayurveda let me just walk you through balancing different types of Doshas, or your body constitution type using warm water

  • Vata Balancing Balancing Warm Water:
    • Boil the water for 10 mins which allows the impurities to be precipitated through and reduces already existing Kapha influence of water
    • One can add fennel seeds and mint leaves to increase the cleansing effect. Storing it in a thermos flask and sipping it throughout the day is recommended to maximize the results
  • Pitta Balancing Balancing Warm Water:
    • Boiling the water for 10 mins and adding fennel seeds, rose buds and 2 cloves after transferring it to a thermos is the best way to reduce Pitta Dosha.
  • Kapha Balancing Warm Water:
    • Boil the desired amount of water for 5 mins. Once boiled, take off from the heat and add 3 Tulasi leaves. For more flavor, add freshly grated ginger, a quarter teaspoon of cumin and half a teaspoon of fennel seeds.
    • Pour this water into the thermos and you can sip your way to balancing the Kapha Dosha in your body.

Instacuppa brings you the Instacuppa fruit infuser bottle with thermos edition. You can prepare your balancing warm water by using the infuser which is a very good feature of InstaCuppa Double Walled Glass Green Tea / Detox Infuser Bottle. 

Place the ginger, Tulasi, rose buds, fennel seeds, and cumin seeds as per your dosha in the infuser and pour hot water into the InstaCuppa Thermos to keep it warm throughout the day.

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Celebrating Women’s Day 2018

Celebrating Women’s Day 2018

We remember the representation of today’s woman with those shorts, long hair holding a cup of coffee in her hand and proudly singing with great liberty.. “ho shuru har din aise…ho shuru har pal aise…Nescafe..“ to give that kick start every morning….!
” The power of pink” as they all say ….!Just by giving a curl to her hair with that gentle touch..she also tends to organize the mess around her the whole day..surprisingly with the same..!

Tries to understand the in and out of every situation and seeks to give her best…

Then let her be Defence minister Nirmala Seetharaman who took to a brave job or SHREYA GHOSHAL’s melodious rendition “teri ore” which can roll tears for your beloved ones…

Beauty personified…HOT  attitude and undeterred faith…in her convictions ..Sometimes irresponsible…while sincerely devoted at other times…Sometimes caring and sometimes it is just the..”WHO CARES” attitude…!

The unrewardable “maa ka pyar..” ,the unconditional sister’s love…the sweet nothings of a girlfriend..and moreover a hand in hand to love….and share..what more can one ask for…

We wish you all a very happy international women’s day! And sincerely pray that the happiness of the same reaches the ladies who really need the same. The less privileged across the world. As I always say we women should know how to treat ourselves and the other women better.

Sustainable Food Culture

Sustainable Food Culture

Sustainable Food Culture is a very broad term which includes food/ exercise regime/ mental health/ physical health and family health. And of course, the starting point has to be the kitchen, which is called as Paka- Shala in Sanskrit. The very meaning of Paka- Shala is “Cooking Institution.” It indeed does not revolve around some grams of Proteins, Carbs, and Fats, it revolves around the concept of wholesomeness with a sense of physical and mental well being.

“Following our roots is the way to bring back sustainability in our food culture.”

How to re-create a Sustainable Food Culture?

When we speak about sustainability in food, it can also be misinterpreted as a mundane or boring stuff which is precisely the opposite of how sustainable food culture should be perceived. Here are some ways we can recreate the magic of sustainable food culture.


I remember when I was a kid, there would be some days when my grandma/ mom used to try different dishes just to be out of the food prep routine which used to be of the same type as per the region, religion, and beliefs that our family was adhering to. Flexibility is at the core of the whole concept of Sustainable Food Culture.

Season Specific:

The food which was made at our home was very sensitive to the season. I hardly remember having onions in the rainy season while we used to have white onion every day with dal and chapati all summers just to prevent sickness occurring from the heat wave. Having Kanji/Pej has been a practice all summers in many Indian households because it is very light on the stomach and is available aplenty. It has medicinal gut healing properties which will hardly let anyone suffer from the evil effects of IBS, Diarrhea or Constipation.


Kanji/ Pazhaya Sadam ( 

Festival centric:

Indian kitchens are festival centric. We make Gujiyas and Thandai during Holi in North India, whereas Puranpoli and Vade (Fritters) are made as an offering to the Goddess Holika in Maharashtra. Puranpoli is made of chana dal which is harvested during the months of Jan-Feb. Having Puranpoli from the freshly harvested dried chana dal is more about seasonal availability of the legume and its wholesomeness when had with fritters and kadhi which is again made of besan. 

Region wise/ Harvest wise:

Having chapati in Chennai is the wild call that one can make. Every food has its Geographic Indication. Tamil Nadu is a paddy belt since ages Tamil people have thrived on rice, coconut, banana and the dried vegetables because there were no means of growing vegetables in odd months. People used to buy vegetables in the so-called very warm winters and dry it to make it ready for the humid summers. So, having rice in Tamil Nadu and Paratha in Punjab is surrendering yourself to the already existing Sustainable Food Culture.

Modern Kitchen with Brass Utensils ( Courtesy – Pinterest)

Architectural Aspect:

Indian kitchen has always been a minimalistic kitchen with good amount of usable utensils made of mud, brass, copper or nowadays steel. A small ventilator or a window above the gas/chulha to let go of the smoke used to be an essential feature. The kitchen was never accessible to the outsiders and is closely guarded by the lady of the house. With liberalization, we do have some changes in our kitchen etiquettes now but bringing in the mud pots can bring back the earthen taste of Indian cuisine which is lost long back.

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March Here I Come – Plan for the Month of March

March Here I Come – Plan for the Month of March

Life comes a full circle when I enter the month of March. It is mostly because the monthly calendar is filled up to the brink in this month. The Palash flowers bloom as the month of Holi starts, and the heatwave makes its way through Northern India. The Gulmohar starts shedding its dull look, and the red flowers bloom for almost two months till May.
Indians formally welcome the summer through HOLI, the festival of colors, nature plays Holi with different color flowers blooming.
It is also officially the last month in the new financial year, and all the entrepreneurs have to muster up the courage to close the old financial books and open the new ones. In many ways, March needs a lot of preparation and planning to just be through it, unlike other twelve months.

So what is on cards in the Month of March for me?

  • Work
    • Content Planning
    • Implementation of Kaizen ( Continuous Improvement)
    • Better Employee Relationships
  • Personal Habits
    • Working out six days a week
    • Clean eating
    • More water intake
    • Meditation
    • Reducing Gadget Time
  • Planning
    • Household Organization
    • Using KonMari Method
    • HW and Play Date Planning
    • Family Functions

I plan using #Hobonichi Techo Cousin and #Hobonichi Original English Version.

Because discipline in all these aspects only will bring the best out of this month..With all this in my kitty, I should say

March, Here I Come!

March Post!


Chai (Tea) For All!

Chai (Tea) For All!

It was quite a movement when PM Modi started Chai Pe Charcha before elections. India’s favorite drink Chai is just not a drink, it is emotion in many ways. Our mornings begin with tea, we shed our lethargy in the afternoon with tea and the evening chat needs just a cup of chai to get more jazzed up. Early morning teacup made by someone you love has a special feel which cannot be written down in words. Reading newspaper with your favorite cuppa is a different level of luxury. 

Most Popular Drink Across India

The most popular drink in India, the country approximately consumes around 837,000 tonnes of tea every year. Drinking tea is a ritual in India, which breaks all the boundaries, the first thing which is very close to people’s heart when they are out is the Chai Tapri which is a roadside shop of tea serving umpteen number of teacups to different people from all walks of life all day long.

“ When you are down, mulling over a cup of chai is what is you need.”

There are two types of teas available at any tea shack. Regular tea has two proportions. Whenever you go to the tea shop not craving for drink, you can opt for a “Cutting” which is a small portion otherwise there is always a full cup of tea waiting for uplifting your mood. 

The affordability of Chai is also one of the important reason for its popularity. As the Starbucks and Coffee Days were luring the young Indians with the English variants of coffee, tea shop owners knew that the fondness of tea would never fade away.


Different Tastes:

Unlike British people, in India, there are tea lovers who prefer it made with milk and tea powder.The north Indian chai has Ginger which is believed to have a lot of health benefits and also helps to keep the body warm during the usually cold winter season of north India. The tea which is brewed in the north east of India, in the state of Assam is called as Ronga Sah which is a red tea made without adding milk. There is also Gakhir Sah, a tea made with milk. In South India, it is the Cardamom tea which has an amazing flavor and richness of Cardamom. Cardamom is plentily available in South India, its usage in the tea as a flavoring agent is just a natural extension to the process of making tea. Off late it is the lemon tea with a beautiful dark orange color having a pudina leaf which catches the attention on the tea shacks in South India especially in Chennai.

Lemon tea

Asking for Kadak Chai ( A strong tea) or Chai Malai Marke ( Tea with a dollop of cream) is customary. The Kadak Chai is usually for the boring afternoons, and the Malai Marke is to please the guests who are accompanying you to the tea shack.

Kulhads, Glasses and Paper Cups:

Everything related to Chai is unique. No wonder it was served in Kulhad, a pot made of clay some decades before, but now, it is served in small glasses, paper cups or plastic cups and steel tumblers mainly because of the convenience that they offer. In many parts of India, like West Bengal, the tea is still served in Kulhads which is the most environmentally friendly way of drinking tea.

My favorite cuppa:

Despite the latest craze for green tea, chamomile tea, earl grey and lemon tea, the Indianized flavor of either ginger or cardamom tea with milk and sugar is what I love the most. Whether going for a walk, for a meeting or on a road trip, a brief meet with my beloved cuppa is what I need to make myself feel better because

“Where there is Tea, there is Hope.”

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Waking up at 5 AM – one step at a time

Waking up at 5 AM – one step at a time


Joining the 5 AM bandwagon is the best decision that anyone can make during their lifetime. Being active in different spheres of life and wanting to accomplish a lot in the short duration can be overwhelming and stressful. Even if the days are planned, the uncertainties during the day can destroy the schedule. Stress and anxiety due to tossed schedules are the modern age demons impacting day-to-day lives. While we work towards our schedules more diligently and blame ourselves for not following plans, we fail to understand the cause of the misery.

The body clock is the most important thing which needs to be reset to wake up early.

What is body clock?
The biological clock of the body is affected by the daylight and the darkness of the night.The body clock or circadian rhythm as it is called is responsible for functions such as regulating sleep and waking up the pattern, body temperature, hunger and the balancing of body fluids. With proper body, clock happens the release of Melatonin which is a sleep hormone.

What disturbs the body clock?

  • Irregular Meals and sleep habits
  • Screen time is overlapping the bedtime.
  • Shift work
  • More caffeine

How to reset body clock?

  • Understand how much sleep do you need
  • Plan the day around workout schedule
  • Limit coffee after sunset
  • Create a relaxing night time routine
  • Keep the home calm and quiet during night time
  • Avoid using gadgets 1 hour before bed-time.

How did I reset my body clock to 5 AM?

Though my day looked well balanced, I still was making mistakes with my sleep timings. Here is the process flow which I used for setting my body clock to wake up at 5 AM.

  • Understood my need for 8.5 to 9 hours of sleep.
  • Planned early morning workouts ( 5 – 5.30 AM)
  • Time-boxed my work
  • Figured out the time when I could take a nap.
  • Fixed the duration of the nap.
  • Post sunset worked on the time which is strictly NO-WORK( Laptop/Mobile) time.
  • Decided on the time interval when I can hit the bed. ( 8.30 to 9.00 PM)
  • Getting up at 5.00 AM and journaling about the changes also helped a great deal.
  • One day when there are no commitments I let the time flow as it is, just to restore the will to get up at 5 AM once again.

Loving whatever you do is the first step of doing it regularly. As the days passed by I jotted down the changes that I had with this new schedule. This reinforced the wish to get up early otherwise it is easy to give up.

As a 5 AMer, I am super productive throughout the day, and the stress has gone down multifold. My routine work ( Checking and replying emails)  gets done before people wake up giving me an extra edge.

There is an immense calmness at the dawn as if the universe is ready to listen to all your wishes. All it needs is for you to get up at the right time and ask. Let’s do it one step at a time.

The article is written as part of the #SuperBloggerChallenge2018 by #Instacuppa conducted by, and AllAboutTheWoman.comand should not be repurposed, republished or use otherwise. The content herein is owned by the blogger. SuperBloggerChallenge2018 is not responsible for any infringement caused.

Pamper your munchkins with Bumpadum.

Pamper your munchkins with Bumpadum.

As a mother of 11 months old baby, I strongly recommend the Bumpadum colorful cloth diapers for babies. They are safe to use, absorbent, reusable, and skin friendly. In short, these diapers are smarter than their commercial competitors. I have always loved the cloth diapers over the non-biodegradable so-called pampering diapers for my baby. If not necessary I let her skin breathe. After all, these days are never going to come back.

Bumpadum cloth diapers have a great shell and come with buttery inserts. It is good for all sizes.One diaper generally lasts for 3 hours minimum for my baby. These are waterproof diapers and have soft cloth fabric inside which touches the bottom of the baby making it comfortable.

One can wash the shell, the inserts and reuse for the next cycle.Washing those is an easy affair. Just a gentle machine wash or hand wash is sufficient to clean these diapers. An eco-friendly diaper as it is, it is economical too. I have found my child’s happiness and my peace of mind by using the diapers. You also can get the same by clicking here


Turn up the radio!!!

Turn up the radio!!!

Who can forget magic which this little master created in every household? It was loved by all the family members, old or young. We all have memories with our dearest Radio. I remember how my working mother kept a watch on time by using this wonder box. I have sweet memories to wake up to the music of “Ramcharitmanas”. She used to pleat braids for me and my sister while listening to this program which was Ramayana in a prose format. She knew that it was 6.30 am once this program got over and we moved onto the next job while listening to other programs.On Sunday afternoons she washed the clothes by listening to the various ghazals -a music lover as she was and at night we all heard “Jaimala”- A specific program dedicated to the army men. Binaca Geetmala, Bela ke phool led to Radio revolution. The latest memory is when my mother in law (amma) gets engrossed in cooking while listening to the Carnatic songs on Radio.

Today we celebrate the seventh World’s Radio Day. Isn’t it the best way to facilitate the great companionship which this device called Radio has given us all? Radio and its broadcast is unique in a way. Listening to the radio requires a lot of attention.Probably this gives the calmeth to the otherwise hush-hush world. This might also be a reason why this twittering chap is still in demand amongst the younger generation. Older generations have enjoyed sports by listening to the commentary on the Radio. News on the radio had its own special effects.

There are reports which say that people listening to radio are happier than the people who watch TV or are on internet. TV and computers are always blamed for their harsh effects on the eyes as against their humble rival of the old times “The radio”.As opposed to its aggressive competitor called the idiot box, this electronic equipment can be carried with oneself wherever one travels.

In today’s age of “Modification” , we often listen to the “Man ki Baat” through the same medium. Today the world of radio has also become equally aggressive . But this aggression minus the visual impact is yet to win over the Television and computers.

Once a radio lover is always a radio lover, indeed!


5 Tips for Post Party Clean-Up!

5 Tips for Post Party Clean-Up!

She loved to host get-togethers like no one else. Invites well before the day, a warm welcome to all, great supper, music and a heart to heart banter. A well spent evening and the guests had left.It was 11.30 p.m. She closed the door and looked into the living room only to see the wine glasses lying on the floor, the plates all over the table and the chocolate wrappers on the carpets and much more.She sighed! She started picking up the glasses one by one from over the floor and remembered each conversation she had with her friends

Cleaning the house is therapeutic. But not after a long tiring day of hosting a party.Even the most organized people feel stressed to do the dishes after all guests have left the place.Though you don’t want to offend the guests by asking them to clean their plates you can politely make a request to stack their stuff in a corner.

But if you are still afraid, to be honest then here is a quick guide to clean the house and make your house enviable

First and foremost important rule is to plug into the most favorite songs while carrying out the mundanity. Turn on that radio to know that the RJs are also working at the wee hours.
1. Decluttering the areas:- Place for everything, everything in its place (PEEP) is a thumb rule for a beautiful house. With less time to spruce up the house make sure you pick up the things lying around in the living room and in the dining areas. Bucket these into two huge tubs respectively.If you have used the disposable plates and cups, then pick those separately and bin those up.
2. Look for the spills and clean them right away:- You don’t want the valuable carpet to smell of the spillover soft drink by the kid-guest.Clean that particular part of the carpet immediately after the accident.
3. Doing the dishes:- We are in survival mode here! Just stack the dishes in the dishwasher, if you have any. If not, then you have to separate the stuff you would require immediately for the next day. Doing the dishes is not as important as removing the leftover food from the same.Neatly, gather up the garbage in the plastic bag and keep it out to prevent an accidental leak. Prioritize this deal and get yourself those brownie points.
4. Enliven those kitchen counters:- Wake up the next morning to a clean platform by giving it a quick mob. Clean the kitchen counters and if needed light up a scented candle.
5. Sparkling the bathrooms clean:- The last thing you want is to the wake up to the dirty toilets. Peep in that corner of the house.Clean the soiled areas, if any. Flush it amply.
You may also wish to take a rejuvenating bath and enter the dreamland.
Dusting, Vacuuming can be done on the next day. 
Cleanliness is next to Godliness but when there is less time at hand and a mess all over these simple tips would make cleaning just a “Cake-Walk”.



Planning your year ahead – Hobonichi Planner is a must have

Planning your year ahead – Hobonichi Planner is a must have


As the Christmas goes by the new year is awaited. This is the time of the year when bookshelves are flooded with yearly planners, diaries and other cool stationary just to kick start the new year on a positive note. With each year we are moving further into the digital arena and have digital pads in our hands even for jotting down something. But, there are people like me who still believe in the pen, paper type of writing. I have written diaries for years and professionally being into Project Management and Continuous improvement, I tried my hands at planning last year. Planning day to day activities to a little bit of process improvement in my daily routine was the priority in 2017. I could do a lot of changes to my day to day routine with planners. Often it is a challenge, but 2017 was meticulously planned and executed.. well at least 70% was as per the plan. This time I have decided to write everything down in a Hobonichi Planner. Hobonichi Techo Cousin 2018 is a yearly planner which is regarded all over the world at least in the planner circle.
Initially started in 2001, in Tokyo Japan, Hobonichi has been selling around 6,00,000 planners around the world. This planner is way too different than other yearly planners I must say. But first of all, let us just ask ourselves,

Why do you need a planner or a diary?

  • The planner helps to keep the priorities in place because we write them down. Writing your preferences enables you to work on them without distractions
  • You can schedule your work more efficiently with the planner.
  • One can do more if all the tasks are laid down on a piece of paper.
  • If the tasks are not done, one can reflect on it and can schedule it for the next possible time.
  • The planner helps you to stay focused in the world full of distractions.

Hobonichi Planner – A sneak peek

The most important aspect of any diary is the spread which is from the January (New year) to the December. Some journals have separate pages for every day, some of them club it. I prefer a full day spread because I write a lot. But carrying a massive journal is very tedious. Last year I had three journals, one had a weekly spread, another one had a full day spread and the third one had just plain pages to jot down any random thought anywhere, it was a pocket size diary with “Pencil, Paper, Action” written over it <3. HOBONICHI Planner is all in one…Just a little bulky but better than carrying three diaries with you all the time.

Hobonichi has three sections.

Hobonichi Main Page – I ordered Cousin which is A5 size – doubly bigger than the original Hobonichi Techo.

Hobonichi Yealy Planner

  • Yearly Index

  • Monthly Calendar

  • Daily Page


Hobonichi has a timetable which is so helpful in jotting down the routine and non-changing chores like watching TV or mundane household work. Having a timetable on the diary is such a blessing for forgetful people like me.

My 100 

There are other things like a page for My 100 where one can include 100 important things one want to accomplish in the year. I know after all the new year wishes, and one more week it gets so mundane that no one will ever want to note down the 100 things and all..but how thoughtful is it to have a space in the daily journal. It also has age table which is Japanese, and I am yet to figure out how to use it.

This is a Hobonichi Cousin which is a bigger version of Hobonichi Original. These planners do have English versions too. You can get Hobonichi Planner here..

Hobonichi planner is a good way to start planning your days because

“Plans are nothing; planning is everything.

                                              Dwight D. Eisenhower

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