Postnatal Exercises That Help Losing Weight

Motherhood is a blessing. It is a wonderful feeling that one can not describe in words. It is also a very testing time for new moms who do not know what to expect. When to start postnatal exercises is a very common question now a days. Having mother or mother figure...

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Which Diet Plan For Weight Loss That Work?

Are you looking for a diet plan for weight loss that work? Well, approximately 8 months before I was this obese lady in late thirties. I love myself and my body but I felt something was not right. I am a control freak and do not like to let too loose with anything. We...

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Hi, This is The 5 AM Mommy

This blog is written by two mommies, Snehal and Shrilekha who are passionate about fitness. You will find answers to all your fitness and weight loss queries on this blog.