Which Diet Plan For Weight Loss That Work?

Are you looking for a diet plan for weight loss that work? Well, approximately 8 months before I was this obese lady in late thirties. I love myself and my body but I felt something was not right. I am a control freak and do not like to let too loose with anything. We were on a vacation to a small village in South India and while I was relishing every bit of South Indian cuisine, I was not comfortable with it. It had been 3 years that I was scale-wise overweight. I should confess that I was morbidly obese if knowing this fact was not enough, I was eating whatever came in front of me LITERALLY. The vacation pics were all bloated. My face was bloated beyond my imagination. There are simple aesthetics of the body and I was clearly ignoring them. I was feeding my body too much and It was clearly visible. That was the point I decided to do something about it. The first point was to choose what I want to prefer as a form of diet.

Different Type of Diet Plan for weight loss that is available

Paleo Diet

Very close to our roots as human beings. Paleo, the name suggests it all. When following Paleo diet, we are supposed to eat things which are not processed. Paleo diet is not as easy as it sounds, for my Indian palette it was difficult to choose from, so I decided to stick to part paleo diet. I am a vegetarian so, I had to right away tick off the non-vegetarian options such as Meat, fish and Poultry. The best part about paleo diet that you can have as many vegetables as you want.

What you have to avoid when on paleo diet plan

Refined Sugar:

Refined sugar is not healthy for any diet. The quick blood sugar spike and drop off after sometime is not advisable when you would like to lose weight. Here is my attempt to quit sugar


This was super tricky mostly because the Indian Diet is high on grains. We eat everything from wheat, rice to many forms of millets. Completely taking them off my diet was quite a challenge, so I stuck to gluten-free pseudo grains and grains excluding rice. I extensively used Waterchestnut powder, amaranth, oats, tapioca powder, almond meal, etc. to keep things going.


This was the most difficult to quit. Indian diets are full of milk, ghee, butter, and most importantly yogurt. We just can not do without our bowl of yogurt. I limited it twice a week which helped a bit.

Everything processed

I am not a fan of processed food, including protein powders. So, it was never a concern but you can not have those baked chips. 😉 Just saying.

Vegan Diet

Veganism is a movement. I had heard it long back but as I have told above Indian diets are heavy on Dairy. I could not think of going vegan. Being a vegan takes a lot of conviction and commitment for which I am not ready as of now. But striving for it. I respect vegans from the bottom of my heart.

What is a vegan diet plan?

Vegan diet is about excluding anything and everything which is sourced from animals. It includes avoiding dairy completely. You can not have eggs.

The best thing I learnt from Vegan diet is that there are umpteen types of milk like Soy Milk, Oat Milk, Almond Milk and many types of nut milks. Coconut milk is staple in any South Indian's home. But drinking it as a major source of dairy is something I learnt from Vegan Diet.

Keto Diet Plan for Weight loss

Keto has been on the block and is called as the most successful diet for people suffering from extreme obesity and also with some hormonal imbalances such as PCOS. Ketosis is the basis of this diet which is a process that happens when the carbohydrates are eaten in a very less quantity increasing the ketone in the body. When the carbs are less, the body goes to use the already existing fat stores in the body thus helping the weight loss.

Low Carbs and More fat is the basis for the Keto diet plan

What you can eat on the Keto Diet Plan?

Cottage cheese
Coconut Oil

In my opinion Keto diet plan has to be performed under strict supervision of a nutritionist.

I used the Low carbohydrate concept of Keto diet plan which really worked. But to my very obese mind, eating cheese as a weight-loss option did not actually suit.

Whole 30 Diet Plan for weight loss

Whole 30 is a diet philosophy and is the best option when you want to try something challenging, cleanse your system and reset your palette. You are supposed to eat whole food ( forget the juices and smoothies). You can not possibly tweak it. There is a lot of online support available at the Whole30 Website and Facebook group. I failed at my Whole30 attempt.

Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan

Intermittent fasting is all rage. You can check out my posts on Intermittent Fasting where I have elaborated on each and every aspect of this method. I followed intermittent fasting and got amazing results.

Low Carb Diet Plan

My ultimate Go-To option was Low Carb diet which made me realise my intolerance to some grains. Low carb food meaning not restricting your calories too much, it means opting for foodstuff which has complex and low carbs. India has a lot of grains and pseudo grains to switch to. So I had a lot of options to choose from. I have reduced 38 LBS with low carb diet and workouts.

Which Diet Plan for weight loss is the best

There are several diet types as I have mentioned above, it depends on the individual choice to decide, which diet suits them the best. In my opinion, every body has a different need. Low carb diet worked for me but for some of my friends Keto worked wonders. I was sure that I would not be able to pull of Keto. When there was weight loss plateau, I tried low carb with intermittent fasting, which helped me move further with my weight loss goal. The simple formula that works for weight loss is a formula, you can check here.

Transformation Stories

As I have mentioned in many of my posts that me and my sister have been putting on weight for various reasons. I have recently lost 38 lbs with low carb diet and strict workout regime, I have also done IF for coming off a plateau. So, I have used a combination of diets to get rid of those many lbs. I am not at my goal weight but striving hard for it. Recently, I have heard that Adele has lost oodles of weight. Glad that she did. It is a health issue, if we do not act in time. Anything in excess is not good for the body.

What should you opt as a healthy diet plan?

There are range of diets that are available but one thing which remains the same, i.e the calorie in and calorie out formula. No matter what you eat, if you eat excess body is going to store it as fat. Choose the diet based on your conviction and sustainability. For diets such as Keto, it becomes difficult to sustain. In my opinion, it is not budget friendly too. So, opt for diet options which suit you. Intermittent fasting has its own benefits. It is a method which our ancestors have been following for ages. You can certainly give it a try without a single thought. Take your pick from the above weight-loss diets which work.


How to Overcome Weight loss Plateau One Step At A Time

Are you over 30? Did you just deliver a baby? Or you are a person who always struggles to overcome weight loss plateau?

I have written in the blog posts several times that I was an obese child. All my efforts towards fitness and weight loss have started after the age of 25 years. I wonder what I was doing before that. Well, maybe I was just creating good memories of the food which my mom made and served me with a lot of love and happiness.

But, soon I realized that Food Is Strictly Not For Emotional Needs.

But that was a lesson learned the hard way. 

Have you ever faced weight loss plateau in your weight loss or fitness journey?

You are doing everything absolutely right. Your food is on point ( mostly I am on point when it comes to food. Thanks to meal planning) you are working out with a regime every 4-5 days a week, still, the scale does not budge. Well,  this happens to everyone but for most of us, there is some weight loss plateau going on in our body. 

1Weight Loss Plateau

Why does weight loss plateau occur?

Hormonal Imbalance

Our body functions on a range of hormones and it is very important that they work in accordance with the body. When there are irregularities in body routine, diet, and overall lifestyle, hormonal imbalance occurs.

Here is a detailed post on hormonal imbalance and how to deal with it with food which is always available in your kitchen pantry. But is it that easy? Nope. Hormonal imbalance takes time to reverse but it is always good to stick to a healthy lifestyle. 


We live in a terribly stressful environment where our mostly our cortisol ( hormone that releases when the body is stressed) levels are always high, which interferes with our hunger signals. That is the reason when you are stressed you feel like eating more. Stress interferes with weight loss as well.

Having to reduce weight in a specific period of time is stressful. Sticking to low calorie, fad diet, and working out with unreasonable fitness challenges are some of the causes of stress and therefore stress eating :).  

Calorie Deficit

It is not a reason for weight loss plateau but can be a factor for it. I have personal experience of working out every single day but not seeing any progress on the scale. Some people say progress on scale is not important, it is not important when you are already there at your ideal weight.

It is important when you are still obese like I was. I was whopping 185lbs and was working out every single day without any calorie deficit.

We have to understand that weight loss can not happen without a calorie deficit. While eating with deficit does not mean reducing your calorie intake to the lowest level.

Identify how much food you actually need. Eat mindfully to know the exact needs of your body. Check for calorie deficit first thing if you feel that you have weight loss resistance.


Understanding your body type and working out accordingly is a huge step towards overcoming weight loss resistance. In my experience, I have been a victim of social media (self-proclaimed) which said workout like a beast with huge weights and barbells, eat well, and the body tones. It did not happen to me. I had a personal trainer and I did everything possible to reduce my weight in terms of workouts. But because food habits were not proper, I put on a lot.

How to overcome weight loss plateau?

The point is, just don't fall prey to the information you get without testing it. Take any workout, give it a 15 day period, and check how does it react with your body. Now, when I have switched onto workouts which are faster and HIIT, I could get back to my ideal weight ( +5 kgs though) but never mind. 

Final Thoughts:

Weight loss plateau is not a myth. It is a situation which most of us experience. I have had a first-hand experience of the same and my workouts resulted in body toning. So there is always a win-win.

If the weight does not budge concentrate on your food and think that it is for better health.

Check your form while working out and feel good about it. 

Your clothes would not lie if you have been dropping sizes but the scale would not really budge. That is okay. 

Stop criticizing the body and at once start loving, it will respond better. 

Do not go on crash diets and keep the body in starvation mode. 

Weight Loss Plateau is daunting, but you can manage it well with the above tips. 

Beginner’s Guide to Effortless Weight Loss

Beginner's Guide To Effortless Weightloss

Beginner’s Guide To Effortless Weight loss is a series that we have started on the blog. 

Well, we believe in the power of resolutions. It is important to find your own “Why” for the resolutions as for good habits. Also, while finding your “why” it is also important to understand what is sustainable. Here is some preamble to the new “Back to Health Series” that we are starting on the “The 5 AM Mommy” blog.

Me and Shrilekha have been working out for more than a decade now. Those who know us personally know our quest for working out and thus feeling fit.

Back to Roots For Effortless Weightloss

We have been working on our better self since we have realized that there is nothing better than being fit. Fortunately, we realized it very early in our life and I thank my father for that. He has worked out a lot in his adolescence and youth. He has passed on those genes to us. When we ask him about it, he says I always ate what was available (that time there was scarcity of food), they used to walk in farms and eat raw veggies or smoked veggies. So, we realized that going back to roots was certainly the answer to this diet chaos which exists all along in the new modern world.

Indians have a palette which is exposed to varied tastes, though we love fusion food and tasty food from all over the world, it is said that the most “here to stay” food trend is “SIMPLE FOOD”. With the alarming obesity rate, this is the right time to move in that direction.

Beginner’s Guide To Intermittent Fasting:

A lot has been said about Intermittent Fasting and the west is literally going gaga over the same. But I know only one thing when my grandmother who passed away recently at 89 can do it all her life without attracting any ailment, I can do it. She observed OMAD ( One meal a day) and many days of fasting religiously. She worked hard and was never known to be a lazy person. 😉 So, we all should just take a step back from the modern world and go back to ourselves. I am sure you would find so many examples of Intermittent Fasting folks in your families.

Intermittent fasting is a simple method of abstaining from food after sunset. You might ask what is new in that, we do not eat after sunset at all, well if that is the case ” Good for you”. But in these days of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other related distractions, it is difficult to wind up your day before 11.00 pm. Wouldn’t you be hungry if you sleep at 11.00 pm and eat around 6.00 pm? Thus, starts the episode of binge eating and eating more than what your body actually requires.

When there is binge eating, the satiety signal which your body gives your brain gets dissolved in the exciting part of the Netflix original or any TV Serial, and we don’t feel full, hence overeat.

Important aspects that we need to look into while doing intermittent fasting to lose weight.

Which is not the case with only calories restricted diet.

There are umpteen theories, before and after pictures on various platforms in favor of intermittent fasting to lose weight but before going there we should check out what our ancestors say? Fasting has been there for many generations in all religions which mainly tells you to get in touch with your body and know whether you truly need that much food?

They say ” Fasting of the body is the food for soul”. Well, here is to some soul searching… 🙂

Here are some facts of intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is nothing but limiting the eating window to some hours in the day and not consuming anything post that till the next eating window starts.

Suppose, you like to take breakfast and cannot carry forward your day without it. Your eating window would be

8 AM to 3 PM for 8/16 hours of Intermittent fasting if you are eating around 8 AM.

It can also be 9 AM to 4 PM and can also be 10 AM to 5 PM and so forth.

While deciding the eating window, it is always better to understand the body clock and its a correlation with sunrise and sunset. A practice which many people from earlier generations have followed for all their lives. But in case you can’t hold onto the body clock due to your professional and other commitments it is perfectly fine. Your eating window also can be

  1. 12 Noon to 7 PM
  2. 1 PM to 8 PM
  3. 2 PM to 9 PM

Post the eating window, you would not be able to eat anything, you can only consume water, coffee without milk and sugar, tea without milk and sugar.

One Meal A Day: 

One meal a day ( OMAD) is a type of Intermittent Fasting. It is usually followed by people who have already tried Intermittent fasting and would like to advance their practice. OMAD is also helpful to break the weight loss plateau. As we have spoken at length about Intermittent fasting and how it can help you lose weight, here is a complete detailed guide to OMAD ( One Meal a Day), the science behind it and how to use it effectively for the weight loss.

Before going for OMAD, it is always better to try and do the 16/8, 14/10 intermittent fasting just to check whether it is going well with your body. Sudden jerk to the body is not a good idea. Implement the IF for any eating window for some time and then take on OMAD.

Here are some benefits of OMAD:

  • Increased Focus:
    • You do not have sugar spikes through out the day and hence there is no slump of energy. There is no breakfast or lunch per se. Usually people eat only one meal in the form of dinner which can include pretty much anything. For weight loss and breaking the plateau though it is important to eat balanced one meal during dinner time. The biggest gain from OMAD is increased focus.
  • The calories are automatically restricted
    • With OMAD you do not have to worry about restricting calories as body takes care of it automatically. How much can one person eat in one hour? Definitely not 2500 calories at one go 🙂 So, it is easy to restrict your calorie intake.
  • Weight Loss Plateau
    • You can come off your weight loss plateau with OMAD because you are changing your food habits. You aren’t eating as per your usual time and calories. Your body is used to it and is comfortable showing weight loss plateau. Once you reduce the number of times you eat, the plateau starts wearing off.

What can be eaten while on OMAD?

Intermittent fasting is by far the most flexible method. If you skip an hour of your eating window you can increase it in the morning. While being on OMAD, you need to make sure that your meals are balanced. Include all types of food in one hour of eating window. Choose the time to eat and maintain it for a specific time period to see the change. You can not eat or binge on anything while being on OMAD. At the most, you can drink Green Tea, Black Coffee, and Tea Without Sugar.

Diet vs Lifetime Swaps:

Dieting is nothing but a change in your food habits to reset the system. There are a number of diets and every diet has its own result. A diet that causes deprivation is going to bring back many ailments in the future. So, we must carefully choose something which suits us, which helps our gut bacteria and which aids digestion. Weight-loss is not seasonal or can not be done only for some functions. It is a change in lifestyle. Whenever you feel like losing those stubborn 5 kgs which are there on your waist, just embrace some lifetime swaps.

  • Staircase instead of the lift
  • Walk instead of a two-wheeler
  • Country sugar or no sugar instead of refined white sugar
  • Cold Pressed oil instead of refined oil
  • Sea Salt or Rock Salt instead of Normal Table Salt
  • Hand pounded rice or Matta Rice or Wild Rice instead of Normal Rice
  • Warm water instead of normal water throughout the day

We all know these swaps, but we are conditioned in such a way that we would not like to take that first step towards our own health. Setting resolutions on paper is easy, but to make them happen you must take that first step. In my opinion, we have a huge number of readers who have already done these swaps. Those who haven’t done, let’s do it.

There are some issues that we have discussed in this beginner’s guide to effortless weight loss. Here are some. 

But I don’t like working out ☹ :

Nobody likes to workout and nobody likes to eat vegetables. But more than that we hate eating medicines, So… the choice is ours.

The best way to go about work out is

Attract your tribe

Find out people who are on the same boat. Their consistency will bring you to doing things you have never imagined.

Get a fitness tracker

This is the best way to keep track of your steps and thus knowing the calorie burnt.

Follow people (Trainers) who inspire you

I like to be inspired by fit people. There are a huge number of trainers across the world whom you can follow and feel inspired.

Use social media as your fitness ally

You can create an environment on social media which makes you workout regularly. There are umpteen fitness groups available which would prompt you to work out and to eat healthily. Just find one for yourself and you are ready to go.

Weight-loss or fitness is a journey. After a point of time, it is the journey that matters, and weight-loss or fitness is just a byproduct. But till such time arrives, every single day struggles. We hope this beginner’s guide to effortless weight loss serves you the best.

Top 5 Best YouTube Workouts for Weight Loss

Top 5 Best YouTube Workouts for Weight Loss


Workouts have become necessary due to our busy lifestyle. If you want to lose weight these workouts will definitely help you do it. There are some amazing home workouts that are readily available. You can now workout from the comfort of your home and sign up for the glory of weight loss, all you would need is the effort.

So here we go.

  1. Leslie Sansone

Leslie Sansone’s walking at home was quite a revolution in the USA. I would say in India, this is the much-needed change that everyone should embrace. Walking at home is a simple concept and you can easily do your 5ooo steps in 45 minutes of walking. She has combined 4 main moves into walking like side tap, knee ups, walking front and back and hand movements. You can even do it with ankle weights if you want to incorporate strength moves. Worth every bit of your time.

2. Bikini Body Mommy


Well, if you really want to get inspired by this hot mommy, you can just visit her website or you tube channel. This workout is a real life challenge which Brianna has actually worked upon and is called a 90 day challenge. You can do these workouts from home with small dumbbells. Absolutely doable with a kid around.

3. Blogilates

If you are ready for a lil hardcore stuff here is blogilates. I love Cassy and her 30 day challenges. Just go to blogilates.com and see what all she has to offer. Plenty of workout sheets, meal plans and loads of motivation. I love her love of pink. ❤

4. Jillian Michaels

Jillian is a fitness goddess. Her workout videos are intense and not to be tried without consulting your doc if you have delivered recently. If you would have been a serious exercise junkie before and would like to continue being one now, this is a great start. A bit more about Jillian – Her workouts are hardcore and if you have any type of injury, it is better to take it slow.

5. Fitness Blender – Kelly and Daniel 


Those mummas who are ready for strength training workouts. I would highly recommend fitness blender workouts, which are light and are like having a personal trainer at the comfort of your home. I loved these workouts because they are simple, can be done anywhere. Kelly and Daniel have more than 25 years of experience in the field of fitness. Their workouts are pretty doable. For men, if you want to jump onto the fitness bandwagon, this is the best start.

Here are two extra workouts as a bonus:

Yoga with Adrienne:

People who do not really like strength training or HIIT, you have much better option, Yoga. There are many Yoga Videos but what worked for me and weight loss is Adriene’s no nonsense way of Yoga. Just go ahead and surrender to her when you move as per her guidelines. A complete and an amazing yoga practice is the takeaway from her sessions.

While doing all these, remember, no exercise can outdo bad food. So clean up your food as much as you can, normal indian food would serve the purpose. Eat to your hunger. If you are breastfeeding eat 500 calories more than usual. If you are counting calories great! if you are not, thats fine too. A good 30 mins of workouts with better eating will surely fetch you more stamina.

Jackie Warner

Jackie’s workouts are simple and great. You can find core workouts to HIIT in the YouTube playlist.



Stay Blessed, Stay Beautiful!

P.S:- I have tried all the above main 5 workouts. If you have any question you can get back to me 🙂